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Types of Kinky/BDSM Relationships

Two persons whose role are clearly defined by wether they are in the giving or the receiving end of act.

Although a slave and Master enter into a relationship by mutual consent, once the relationship is established, a slave typically must accept all orders given to him by his Master, and perhaps seek his Master's approval for all actions that the slave takes.
Negotiations for exactly how much, and what manner of, subservience is required typically take place before the actual relationship begins. At the point when the relationship begins, the slave then becomes totally subservient to his Master -- existing only to serve his Master's needs and pleasures without reservation, and the Master's control is limited only by those stipulations initially negotiated. The Master may have control over whether the slave is allowed to have outside employment, under what circumstances the slave may have an orgasm (if allowed at all), when a slave is allowed to piss or eat or perform other activities, when and with whom the slave may communicate, etc. Again, the emphasis is upon total submission by the slave and total dominance by the Master.
In some relationships, the slave may be treated as a piece of property or a personal possession by the Master. For example, the slave may be required to wear a collar welded shut, or may be even be traded or loaned to another Master. Often, the Master/slave relationship is a 24/7 relationship, meaning that the slave must remain in his totally subservient role 24 hours a day, seven day a week. In a relationship that is not 24/7, typically the person in the role of slave adopts that role only during specific times, and may otherwise have complete freedom over his own actions outside of those times.
Typically, Master/slave relationships are fairly long-term due to the amount of "training" required of the slave to serve his Master. Often, it is accepted that a Master may punish the slave if the slave fails to carry out duties according to the Master's standards. In some relationships, punishment and verbal abuse may be given purely at the Master's whim.
Again, the details of which punishments are exacted under what circumstances are typically negotiated prior to the start of the relationship. Generally speaking, the terms "Master" and "slave" refer to those who indulge in S&M activities. Someone who describes himself as a "slave" but has a considerable number of limits and/or limited experience will probably not be taken seriously as a "slave" (except by Masters who enjoy training novices).
Similarly, someone who describes himself as a "Master" but has very limited experience in domination and control (as a Top or Dom in prior, less "intense" sex play), may not be taken seriously as a Master. Some people like to engage in a Master/slave relationship under the terms of a contract or agreement.
If you are a slave considering to enter into a relationship with a potential Master, you may want to check the page slave safety on this site. This page was developed by a good friends of mine who live a true Master/slave relationship. Here you will find tips and techniques which will make your search more easier.
If you want to see a sample of a Master/slave contract, click here.

The most comon differences of a boy from a slave are: 1) A boy has his own identity outside of being the masters servant. A boy has his own opinions but knows not to voice those opinions until requested to do so. 2) A boy has the right to refuse to do any activity that may injure him. 3)A boy is generally expected to be financially self-sufficient. Whether or not the money accrues to the master varies from relationship to relationship.

Using the terms 'dom' and 'sub' to describe individuals is more common in the heterosexual scene than among gay men and lesbians where the terms 'top' and 'bottom' are preferred. But, the overarching term for games involving domination is "domination and submission" (dom-sub, DS, D/S, D/s or D&S). Article Manager module by by George! Software.